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Dead Sea Mud Treatments are great for detoxifying, exfoliating and remineralizing the skin while relaxing the body. People have traveled to the Dead Sea for Centuries to apply the warm mud to their bodies. It has been used as an alternative therapy for such conditions as: psoriasis, eczema, arthritis and fibromyalgia. Spa disposable undergarments are worn during the entire process. Your modesty is always respected.

The treatment begins with a gentle dry brush exfoliation followed by the application of Dead Sea Mud. The client is then wrapped. Either our infrared sauna or warm wool blankets are used to provide heat. In addition to providing the heat needed, our special steam canopy utilizes the heat and moist air present to cause the body to perspire, thus facilitating the elimination of toxins while stimulating circulation and increasing respiration. The client will remain under the heat source for twenty minutes. Once adequate time has passed, the heat source is removed. The exfoliation and remineralization is completed when our technician thoroughly rinses you with the soothing and massaging shower heads of our Vichy Shower. This is a horizontal shower bar with six shower heads. The treatment is concluded with the application of a thick creamy moisturizer containing salt from the Dead Sea.




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